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Essay Topics For Religious Studies

Essay Topics For Religious StudiesThere are essay topics for religious studies that are designed to facilitate the student in understanding different points of view on religion. Since religion is a matter of belief, most of the essays are written to express the views of the student regarding the different points of view. Therefore, you will find that the essay topics for religious studies allow you to present the idea of a certain point of view on the subject of religion.The main purpose of the essay topics for religious studies is to understand the fundamental beliefs of the different religions. The essay topics for religious studies can be related to any religion. This includes Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism, Jainism, Confucianism, Judaism, Zen Buddhism, Zung, etc. It also includes other beliefs that are very similar to those mentioned above.Some examples of different religion that are also included in the essays for religious studies are: Judaism, Christi anity, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc. It would be good if you write about the basics of the basic beliefs that are similar to the above mentioned beliefs so that your essay topics for religious studies does not end up giving out the wrong information.In order to determine the topic of the essay for religious studies, you should first decide upon the religion you are going to write about. The next step is to have the proper level of education regarding the religion. You should choose from among the higher or lower levels based on your own level of knowledge. If you have very little knowledge about the religion, you should choose a more familiar or more common level that you have researched.After you have decided on the religion you are going to write about, you must research on the other religion as well. The next step is to review all the topic that you have chosen for essay topics for religious studies. Once you have reviewed all the topics, you can proceed to the actual writing of the essay.Then you will write the essay according to the different viewpoints that you have picked out for the essay topics for religious studies. Therefore, when writing the essay, you will also have to remember that you are going to express your personal opinion of the topic that you have chosen.It is also important that you avoid quoting the sources when writing the essay topics for religious studies. You are going to be using the quotes from the sources for the information you give in the essay.

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Calfornia Gold Rush in San Francisco Essay - 866 Words

California Gold Rush The California Gold Rush one of the biggest events in the U.S History. The Gold Rush was when gold was found by James .W. Marshall in 1848 in San Francisco, California. When this happened, emotions sparked in San Francisco (main site for the Gold Rush). The word spread so quickly that people from all around the Unites States flooded into San Francisco and causing overpopulation(â€Å"California Gold Rush†). In 6 years during the Gold Rush, the population increased by almost 36,000 residents(â€Å"California Gold Rush†). Overpopulation set in, and it was a major problem. This problem increased murders, fires, robberies and overall just many crimes(â€Å"The California Gold Rush†). More people means more houses being taken, and a†¦show more content†¦When there are more people, a lot more terrible murders, fires and accidents take place(The Effects of the Gold Rush.) . During the stampede of people coming over during the Gold Rush, crime went way up, more people will be involved in murders, robberies, kidnappings etc. Also there were more fires, pollution and more people without a place to stay. Many of these people had high hopes for money during the great find of gold, but so many people came over that there was not enough room for people to stay. All houses were full with people and it made people sleep on streets, and that is why crime went up, people were poor and needed food, so they would steal and kill for it(â€Å"California Gold Rush†). Fires happened because people would have a type of mentally that, if my family cant have it, neither can your family. So many people would come to San Francisco and go home empty handed(â€Å"California Gold Rush†). These are only some examples of how the Gold Rush was negative. Yes, there were positives, for example, it helped the economy, gold meant money. So the Gold Rush was not only affected in a negative way. but some positive. Now over 36,00 people came to San Francisco to live there, but a lot more people than that came. Over 100,000 immigrants, looking for anything to help them, came to California during the Gold Rush (â€Å"The California Gold Rush†). A lot of these immigrants were were African Americans. Many came from Mexico. The first man was on the San

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Essay on Liberal Democracy - 1087 Words

Liberal Democracy Liberal democracy, with a capitalist economy, is the only form of social organization that will work in this world. Socialism and Communism appear to be sound in theory, but would never come close to achieving what capitalism does. Liberal democracy and capitalism allow for a beneficial competition where communism does not. This competition, in the liberal tradition, on both political and economical levels, allows for the best balance of security and freedom to the people under the government. However, this liberal tradition does not take care of every problem, but it does a better job than any alternative. Competition is a necessity in this world. A more competitive market allows for a more functional†¦show more content†¦All of the market is voluntary, no coercion. Milton Friedman explains, â€Å"Political freedom means the absence of coercion of a man by his fellow man.† There would be people trading with other people only when they themselves benefit from the situation. This way people have the choice on how much to trade, or to even trade at all. Everyone can benefit from a competitive market. Friedman explains, â€Å"By removing the organization of economic activity from the control of political authority, the market eliminates this source of coercive power. It enables economic strength to be a check to political power rather than a reinforcement.† Without this sense of being forced into situations, people are a lot happier. When people are voluntarily participating in the free market, then the government makes money consequently. The competitive free market takes some responsibilities from the government, so the government can run better. A more competitive free market allows for the government to function more smoothly. Political competition is needed in order to achieve a balance between liberty and security. Free elections are the best way to elect the most worthy individual and to keep up competition in politics. Having senators run for elections and compete for the people’s vote, rather then a select few deciding who is elected ensures liberty for the people. One of the most important rights an American has today is theShow MoreRelatedLiberal Democracies Vs. Liberal Democracy Essay1142 Words   |  5 PagesLiberal democracies, are defined as the system in which governmental body operate under the principle of individual rights and work to protect them regardless of religion, sect, ethnicity etc. Liberal democracies are thought to be secular in nature and generally do not account for religions or ethnicities rather they promote a certain nationalistic perspective throughout the state. Laws are made through majority vote in the parliament and are meant to be logical in nature r ather than derived fromRead MoreDemocracy And The Liberal Democracy1017 Words   |  5 PagesDemocracy varies in every country depending on the type of government or regime they have. There is the liberal democracy, which is all about giving people their rights and liberties; everything is done through fair voting and electing. The people are aware of everything that happens in their government. Illiberal democracies are basically the same as liberal, but the people in power are more secretive of their activities, and there is less civil liberty. It is essentially a partial democracy. NowRead MoreEssay about Liberal Democracy1177 Words   |  5 Pages Liberal democracy Introduction To begin with Francis Fukuyamas, provocative thesis, that after the fall of communism in Europe and the withering of the grand ideological contests, history too has ended. In his end of history theory, he maintained that the western liberal democracy had become the `final form of human government. The fact is that though not all theorists have this kind of a faith in liberal democracy, and believe that its not the only feasible form of democracy, theyRead MoreMedias Role in Liberal Democracies1119 Words   |  5 PagesThe basic elements in a liberal democracy are regular elections, a parliament exercising control over government within law and individuals freedoms such as free debate, freedom of association and the right to protest (Carter Stokes, 2002). Regular elections should include competitiveness among parties to keep elections fair and voters should be aware of their interests. Additionally, as Carter and Stokes (2002) state that there should be â€Å"a parliament that can exercise control over the governmentRead MoreNations With A System Of Liberal Democracy1734 Words   |  7 PagesNations with a system of liberal democracy have a hope to achieve a structure of government that benefits all citizens equally (Callan, p. 1, 2004). However, countries that claim to be liberal representative democracies (such as the United States, New Zealand, and the Britain) have failed to be representative of all the citizens. Due to historical occurrences, traditional gender roles, and lack of activism from the elite (white men in positions of power), women have been denied their natural humanRead MoreThe Rise of a Liberal Democracy 1501 Words   |  7 PagesIn the article Fareed wrote he defines democracy as simply a government with free a nd fair elections. It is in essence rule of the majority, so if the majority is filled with ill intent then that is the direction of the government. Basically an unfiltered voice for the masses; and it is not suitable by itself. Liberal Democracy is described as what people think of today when they here of Democracy; it is a government with a system of values/rights built in to protect the people from themselves. ItRead MoreThe Future of History: Can Liberal Democracy Survive the Decline of the Middle Class536 Words   |  2 Pagesâ€Å"The Future of History: Can Liberal Democracy Survive the Decline of the Middle Class?† Francis Fukuyama It would take a great deal of confidence, in these uncertain and changing times, to publish an article called The Future of History. Yet, this is precisely what Francis Fukuyama has done in this article. It is a bold title since it not only places this article in the ideological path of his most famous work, â€Å"The End of History and the Last Man,† but it also suggests a fundamental departureRead MoreLiberal Democracy And The Constitutional System2526 Words   |  11 PagesLiberal democracy is a form of government that operates under a constitutional system and is ruled by the electorate. The government is representative of the people and regular elections are held. It calls for the freedoms that are stated in America’s first amendment-freedom of press, speech, religion, and assembly. This political ideology has been apart of history. Patriots, such as our founding fathers and Patrick Henry, were willing to risk their lives in order to achieve freedom from an oppres siveRead MorePolitical Theories And Ideology Of Liberal Democracy Essay1626 Words   |  7 PagesMany challenges put a stress on Modern Democracy because of the political theories and ideology our government holds, the current politicians taking office, inequalities throughout social classes and economies, and the opinions of â€Å"We the People†. Nearly every country claims to be some form of a democracy, but not all these self-proclaimed democracies allow for free politics, good government, and rule of law (Crick, 2002). Liberal democracy has begun to win over its royalist, fascist, and collectivistRead MoreWhat Extent Do Liberals Support Democracy712 Words   |  3 PagesTo what extent do liberals support democracy (45 marks) Democracy is the ultimate political form of ideological liberalism. It refers to the ideal form of state, and is common to both classical and modern liberals. In the 19th century, liberals often saw democracy as threatening or dangerous. Political theorists such as Plato and Aristotle viewed democracy as being a system of rule at the expense of wisdom and property. The principle that the will of the majority should prevail over the minority

Challenges in Credit Risk Management within Corporate Banking

Question: Discuss about the Challenges in Credit Risk Management within Corporate Banking. Answer: Rationale of the study The main discussion of this study will be done on the risks or challenges faced by the banks in United Arab Emirates in the credit risk management. For easy analysis and better understanding of the study, the case study of Doha bank has been used. Credit risk management is one of the most vital tasks performed by every bank in the world. This management activity came in lime light after the credit crunch in 2007-08 ( 2016). In case of the banks in United Arab Emirates, the risk of providing credit is high because the main concept of Islamic banking is based on the principle of participation rather than just intermediation (Ibrahim 2015). Therefore, managing the credit risk is very important for the Islamic banks like, Doha bank. However, in current situation, the banks in UAE are facing a major issue in improving their financial performance. In different studies, it has been identified that the performance of UAE banking sector is having some negative signs (Shahari, Zakaria and Rahman 2015). This is a big issue because the future of an entity whether a bank or any other company, depends on the financial performance. Nowadays, the competition in UAEs banking sector is very high but many companies are failing to meet their loans properly (Saeed 2015). In such a situation weak financial performance can hamper the sustainability of the banks to a large extent. Therefore, it becomes a big issue in the current situation. However, in this particular study, it will be tried to identify the reasons behind the weak financial performance of the banks in UAE. As credit risk management is the essential factor behind the financial performance level of a bank, the study will especially focus on the indentifying whether there is any issue in credit risk management of the banks or not. At the same time, if the study identifies that there are issues in credit risk management then it will identify what are those issues and how those can be solved. Therefore, with the help of this particular study, it will be possible to identify the ways to improve the financial position of the banks in UAE. If the financial position of the banking sector improves, then the overall economic growth of the country will also be possible. On the other hand, with the healthy financial performance of the banks will also increase the remuneration of the employees in banking sector, which will ultimately contribute to the improvement of the social lifestyle of the country. Literature review Concept and importance of credit risk management The term credit risk refers to the possibility of occurring loss to a credit provider due to the failure of credit borrower to clear the payment of the debt (Barrett 2016). The term credit risk is highly applicable to the banks or any other financial institutions. However, in order to minimize or control the risk of credit, the managements of the banks and other financial institutions implement some managerial techniques, which are known as the credit risk management systems. Ferhi and Chkoundali (2015) mentioned that the urgency of credit risk management system occurred after the global financial crisis took place. During the global financial crisis, the credit risk grabbed the regulatory attention for the first time (Zubairi and Ahson 2015). Due to this, the regulatory body in the international financial market asked for more transparency in the financial activities of the banks or other financial institution. Therefore, in order to fulfill the demand of the international financial regulatory body, the system of credit risks management came into spotlight. Srairi (2015) stated that the credit risk management system is very important for every bank and financial institutions. Al-Tamimi et al. (2015) mentioned that providing credit and managing the risk of that credit is the main activity of banking. From the very beginning, the banks are operating their businesses to managing the risks of credit. However, Uwuigbe, Uwuigbe and Oyewo (2015) noted that the quality of the credit has declined than before and due to that the risks are becoming higher than before. At the same time, the complexities in the banking activities have increased than before. In this context, Githaiga (2015) stated that a bank is considered as sound when it is clear about the risks associated with its operations and the ways to solve the risky situations. At the same time, Vazquez and Federico (2015) mentioned that people or customers always prefer to deposit their money in the banks that have sound financial health. Therefore, in order to attract more customers for depositing the money, credit risk management system is very important for the banks. On the other side, with the increased complexities in the banking activities and corporate world, it becomes tougher for the banks to identify the customers or borrowers, who have the capacity to payback the borrowed money on time ( 2016). Therefore, the banks need to set such a system that can automatically by monitoring, measuring and controlling the credit provided by them. Hence, it can be said that in the present context proper system for credit risk management is very important to maintain the level of efficiency and attract the customers. Principles of credit risk management In the above discussion, it has been identified that credit risk management is very important for better financial performance of the banks. However, Bessis and O'Kelly (2015) commented that the credit risk management system of a bank or financial institution can be effective only if it follows the principles of credit risk management properly. The principles of credit risk management are as follows: Establishment of proper environment for handling credit risk In order to maintain this principle, the board of directors of the banks must be responsible enough at the time of approving and reviewing the strategy of credit risk management. Bluhm, Overbeck and Wagner (2016) noted that, the board of directors of the banks must ensure that the credit risk strategy has been prepared by considering the risk tolerance level of the bank. Operation under good credit granting process The credit granting procedure of the banks must be sound enough so that no credit is granted to such a person or corporate, who has no ability to pay back the loan or credit amount. Sadgrove (2016) stated that this particular principle of credit risk management suggests considering the target market the bank and the capacity of the borrower. At the same time, the bank should also consider the credit structure and repayment source (Subrahmanyam, Tang and Wang 2016). Apart from that, the management of the bank must be strict about the credit limit and the process of approving the new credit or making the amendment. Maintenance of proper procedure of measurement, monitoring and administration of credit According to this particular principle of credit risk management, the banks must have a proper system for monitoring the individual credits (Chance and Brooks 2015). Along with that, the administration system for the portfolios of credit bearing must be sound enough. On the other side, the measurement of the credit risk should be done by using proper analytical tool. Ensuring proper control over credit risk The credit-gearing function of the bank must be done properly as per the standards set by the regulatory authority (Anthony and Othieno 2016). At the same time, the internal control system of the banks for the policies and limits of credit must be reported within the required time span. Therefore, the above mentioned principles are very much helpful in minimizing the credit risk of the banks or financial institutions. Kumar (2016) argued that the principles of credit risk management were applied by the banks before the global financial crisis or credit crunch took place in 2007-08 but still the credit risks were much high due to which major economic and financial downturn happened in world economy. On the contrary, Iqbal and Molyneux (2016) mentioned that before the time of credit crunch, the credit risk management principles were applied by the banks but the principles were not executed properly by the higher authority of the banks. As a result global financial crisis took place. Therefore, it can be said that in order to manage the risk properly, credit risk management principles must be used adequately. Current issues in credit risk management faced by banks in UAE Credit risk management is very important task for a bank or financial institution. However, Olson and Zoubi (2016) argued that implementing a proper system of managing the credit risk is not easier. In support of this, Barrett (2016) mentioned that currently, the management at different banks in UAE and other countries are facing several challenges in their credit risk management systems. These credit risk management challenges are as follows: Long credit repayment time: Zubairi and Ahson (2015) argued that the major challenge of credit risk management is long repayment time. At many banks in UAE the credit borrowers take long time to pay back the credit or borrowed amount. Due to this, the banks sometimes face problems in providing credit to the new customers or the financially strong customers. Githaiga (2015) believed that the main reason behind this particular challenge is that the higher authorities of the banks fail to measure or verify the capacity of the customers or borrowers to repay the borrowed amount. Inefficiency in data management: Gizaw, Kebede and Selvaraj (2015) stated that many employees at different banks in UAE fail the properly manage the data available to them before and after providing the credit to the borrowers. Due to this problem, the higher authority of the banks cannot get proper data within the required timeframe (Ahmed and Malik 2015). This ultimately creates major issue in credit management system in the banks. Lack of proper risk assessment and control tool: The banks in UAE cannot concentrate on the identification of credit portfolios due to the lack of proper tools for assessing and controlling the credit risk (Vazquez and Federico 2015). This creates major trouble in managing the credit risk. High complexity in the corporate world: This is another big issue in credit risk management of the banks in UAE. The complexity in the corporate world has increased due to the increase in number of business transactions. The same thing is also applicable in case of the banks also. Due to this, the employees and the higher authority of the banks fail to properly concentrate on the credit risk management. High competition in the market: The number of banks in UAE is increasing day-by-day and every bank is trying to expand its business by giving several facilities to its customers (Hilscher and Wilson 2015). Due to this, many times banks provide the credit to some people or organizations, which are have no such capacity to pay back the credit amount. Sometime, the banks provide the credit without proper securities. This creates big issues in credit risk management of the banks. Analyzing how the credit risk management system affects the performance of the banks Anthony and Othieno (2016) stated that credit risk is one of the major risk for a bank. This particular type of risk has high impact on the financial performance of the banks or other financial institutions. Salah and Souissi (2016) mentioned that the system of credit risk management has direct effects of the ROA (Return on Assets) and ROE (Return on Equity). Inefficient credit risk management strategies or system may reduce the profitability of the banks to a high extent because if the banks fail to collect the credit repay amount from the customers or corporate, then the income level of the banks decreases. Riaz (2016) mentioned that if a small number of customers or borrowers of the bank fail to repay the credit amount then that may cause huge loss to the bank. Therefore, the revenue as well as the profitability of the bank gets highly affected by small number of customers. Subrahmanyam, Tang and Wang (2016) argued that credit risk occurs in the banking institutions when the credit quality of the bank starts to decline. Due to the declining in credit quality of the bank, the price of debt sold becomes lesser than the price of the debt bought by the bank (Bluhm Overbeck and Wagner 2016). This indicates that the financial health of a bank is highly dependent on the quality of the credit that it provides to its customers. Therefore, if the banks want to improve its financial performance, then it needs to develop a strong credit management strategy or system within the organization. Questions of the study The questions based on which this study will be conducted are as follows: What are the major loopholes in the credit risk management system at Doha bank? How the credit risk management risks or challenges can be solved? Purpose of the study The main purpose of this study will be to identify the current credit risk management system in the banking sector especially at Doha bank in UAE. At the same time, the study will also try to find out how the current financial performance of UAE banking sector is affected by the credit risks management system. After identifying these two matters, the study will try to provide some remedies to improve the current credit risk management system in the UAE banking sector. Therefore, it can be said that the major objectives of this study will be as under: To understand the current financial state of UAEs banking sector To identify the relationship between the credit risk management and the financial performance of the banks? To find out the major loopholes in the credit risk management system at Doha Bank To recommend some possible ways to solve the current challenges in the credit risk management system in UAE banking sector Scope of the study As stated above, the aim of this study will be improve the credit risk management system at the banking sector in UAE by identifying and solving the challenges or risks in the system. Therefore, it can be said that the study will investigate on the matter from the perspective of employer and industrial sector. On the other side, as the income of the employees in the banking sector depends on the financial performance of the banks and financial performance of the banks depends on the credit risk management system. Therefore, it can be again said that the study will investigate and analyze the matter from the point of view of the employees of the banks also. Research methodology: The success of a research depends on the appropriate selection of methodology. This particular study will also follow a particular methodology including research philosophy, research approach and design of the research. The methodology that will be followed by this study is as follows: Research strategy The overall strategy of a research includes research philosophy, research approach and research design. Research philosophy is the belief according to which the data of a research is collected and analyzed (Silverman 2016). There are different philosophies of research and those are positivism philosophy, realism philosophy and interpretivism philosophy. Positivism philosophy suggests conducting the research based on the facts. At the same time, the positivism philosophy also states that the data should be analyzed mathematically (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault 2015). This indicates that this particular philosophy prefers quantifiable research. A research based on the positivism philosophy is influenced by the human interests and observations. There is a modified version of positivism philosophy, which is known as the post-positivism philosophy. Apart from positivism, there is another research philosophy, which is known as realism. This philosophy is based on real idea of human mind. Panneerselvam (2014) stated that realism is depended on the assumptions and it is a scientific method that helps to develop knowledge. However, following the realism philosophy is tougher than positivism philosophy because it is bit critical and takes more time than the positivism philosophy. On the other hand, there is interpretivism philosophy, which is based on idealism. It is the philosophy which is just opposite to the positivism philosophy (Mackey and Gass 2015). However, in this particular study, the positivism philosophy will be followed because in this philosophy, the research will be able to analyze the data by following the scientific and mathematical ways. At the same time, the positivism philosophy will help to generalize the data. Apart from the research philosophy, the study will also follow a particular approach. There are two research approaches deductive approach and inductive approach. Deductive approach is such a research approach that suggests starting a research work based on the hypotheses or research questions (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault 2015). This particular approach helps analyzing the data based on the quantitative technique. On the other side, in inductive research approach, the data of the research needs to analyze based on the qualitative method of data analysis, which is much time consuming. This particular study will follow the deductive approach because this approach will help to analyze the research data with the help of the existing theories (Mackey and Gass 2015). Apart from that, the deductive approach will help to complete the study within comparatively shorter time span. Along with research philosophy and approach, the study will also use a particular design of research. There are mainly three research designs descriptive, explanatory and exploratory research designs. Descriptive research design helps to conduct the study by analyzing the data in detail based on the existing literature (Silverman 2016). Explanatory design conducts the study by explaining the relationship between the research variables. On the other side, in exploratory research design, the research problem is explored to find out the result. However, in this study, the descriptive research design will be followed because it helps to collect the data easily through survey method and at the same time, it also helps to analyze the data by quantitative technique of data analysis, which can be measure easily (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault 2015). Data collection methods A research can be done based on two types of data primary and secondary data. Primary data are the new data, which is not available in any books, journals, articles or websites. This data has to be collected through survey, interview, observations and focus group techniques (Panneerselvam 2014). In this particular study, the primary data will be collected through survey method. The survey will be done with employees, who work at the Doha bank in UAE. The survey method will be selected in this study because with the help of this particular method, it will be easier to collect the quantitative data, which could be measure mathematically and statistically. At the same time, following the survey method will be simpler. It will involve less time and cost (Silverman 2016). During this research project, the survey will be done online. The questionnaire has been sent to the research participants through social media like, Gmail and Facebook. On the other side, the study will also include some secondary data. Secondary data are the existing or new data, which is easily available in books, journals, articles and different internet sources (Mackey and Gass 2015). The secondary data will provide the background knowledge about the topic of the study. In the other words, it can be said that the secondary data will provide the base of the study. In this study, secondary data will provide the theoretical knowledge over the subject. Sampling strategy As it has been mentioned above that the study will follow the survey method in order to collect the primary data, it is obvious that the study will select some samples to conduct the survey. The term sampling refers to the activity of selecting few individuals from a large population (Panneerselvam 2014). Sampling can be done by following different techniques. However, in this particular study, the sampling will be done by following the simple random sampling method under the probability sampling technique. In this particular technique, the sample will be selected randomly from a large population and will be considered that every individual in the population will have same quality to be selected in the sample (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault 2015). Therefore, the sample will be selected from the large number of employees work at Doha bank. The survey questionnaire has been sent to 110 people and it is expected that at least 50 people or employees will reply back. Therefore, the sample size of this study will be 50. Data analysis techniques A research can achieve its goal by proper analysis of the collected data. Therefore, data analysis is the most vital part of a research project. In order to analyze the data in a proper way, it is very important to select the appropriate methods for analyzing the data (Silverman 2016). There are mainly two types data analysis techniques are available quantitative technique and qualitative technique of data analysis. Quantitative technique is the scientific technique that helps to analyze the in the mathematical terms. At the same time, the quantitative technique of data analysis helps to measure the data accurately and as it provides the results in numerical terms, it becomes easier to understand and analyze the data. On the other side, qualitative technique of data analysis helps to analyze the data in the theoretical manner (Mackey and Gass 2015). This particular data analysis technique helps to conduct in depth data analysis. This technique of data analysis does not provide any numerical results but it provides the results in very simple way, which is also very easy to understand. However, in this study, only the quantitative technique of data analysis will be followed. The survey data will be analyzed with the help of quantitative data analysis technique, so that accurate results will be obtained in numerical terms. Validity and reliability of the study During this research work, it will be always kept in mind that the data and methods that will be used in the study will reliable and valid. In order to maintain that, the data will be collected from reliable sources like authorized websites, journals and book. At the same time, no pressure will be created on the participants to take part in the research. At the same time, proper methods of data collection, sampling and analysis will be selected so that no question ethical issue takes place regarding the validity of the methods. Access As stated above, during this study, the data will be collected by surveying the employees at Doha bank, UAE. In order to survey the employees at Doha bank, some procedures will be followed. At first, telephonic conversation will be done with the manager of Doha bank to make the manager clear about the purpose of the study. At the time of telephonic conversation, not only the purpose of the study will be clear out but also the procedure of the study will be stated. After that, permission for survey will be taken from the manager. Before conducting the survey, it will be clear out that the personal data of the survey participants will be confidential and at the same time, the purpose of the study will also be informed to the survey participants. At last, after taking the permission from the participants, the survey questionnaire will be sent to the participants. Gantt chart Every research needs follow a particular timeframe. This research will also followed a proper schedule of work, which is mentioned below: Activities Week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 week 7 week 8 week 9 week 10 week 11 week 12 Review the existing literature Identifying the gap in the existing study Selecting the topic Setting the aim, objectives and questions of the research Selecting the proper methodology for the research Collecting the secondary data Collecting the primary data through survey Analyzing the primary data Identifying the results Conclusion and recommendations Preparing the final draft Table 1: Gantt chart (Source: Created by author) Reference list and bibliography Ahmed, S.F. and Malik, Q.A., 2015. Credit Risk Management and Loan Performance: Empirical Investigation of Micro Finance Banks of Pakistan.International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues,5(2). Al-Tamimi, H., Hussein, A., Miniaoui, H. and Elkelish, W.W., 2015. Financial Risk and Islamic Banks Performance in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.The International Journal of Business and Finance Research,9(5), pp.103-112. Al-Tamimi, H.A., Warsame, M.H. and Duqi, A., 2015. Readiness of UAE Banks for the Implementation of Basel III.Available at SSRN 2637281. Anthony, W. and Othieno, F., 2016. Semi-Markovian credit risk modeling for consumer loans: Evidence from Kenya.Journal of Economics and International Finance,8(7), pp.93-105. Barrett, S., 2016. Effects of Information Technology Risk Management and Institution Size on Financial Performance. Bessis, J. and O'Kelly, B., 2015.Risk management in banking. John Wiley Sons. 2016. Bank for International Settlements. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Sep. 2016]. Bluhm, C., Overbeck, L. and Wagner, C., 2016.Introduction to credit risk modeling. Crc Press. 2016. Business Perspectives - Company Profile. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Sep. 2016]. Chance, D.M. and Brooks, R., 2015.Introduction to derivatives and risk management. Cengage Learning. 2016. Simple search. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Sep. 2016]. 2016. ERCIM News 106. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Sep. 2016]. Ferhi, A. and Chkoundali, R., 2015. Credit Risk and Efficiency: Comparative Study between Islamic and Conventional Banks during the Current Crises.Journal of Behavioural Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Transport,3(1), pp.47-56. Githaiga, J.W., 2015.Effects of credit risk management on the financial performance of commercial banks in kenya(Doctoral dissertation, University of Nairobi). Gizaw, M., Kebede, M. and Selvaraj, S., 2015. The impact of credit risk on profitability performance of commercial banks in Ethiopia.African Journal of Business Management,9(2), p.59. Hilscher, J. and Wilson, M.I., 2015, July. Credit ratings and credit risk: Is one measure enough?. InAFA 2013 San Diego Meetings Paper. Ibrahim, M., 2015. 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The poem Gujarati Essay Example For Students

The poem Gujarati Essay The speaker in Search for My Tongue by Sujata Bhatt describes to us what it feels like to speak and think in two languages. She wonders whether she might lose her mother tongue (her original language) as she lives in a foreign country, where it is not main language. However as she sleeps, she dreams that the mother tongue remains a part of her identity. By the end, she has resolve that it will always be a part of who she really is. The poem begins with a conversational tone, which is appropriate as it is about language and communication. The first-person speaker addresses the reader, you, who has the question that prompts the rest of the poem. The speaker asks the reader to imagine having two tongues in your mouth; this is how Bhatt perceives the problem. The unconscious relation of language to the tongue is common, as it is one of the crucial organs we use when speaking. We will write a custom essay on The poem Gujarati specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The speaker tells us that her tongue has been lost, but what she means is her original language has been lost. Used colloquially lost my tongue,(2) means that someone does not know what to say or is tongue-tied (an image that will manifest itself graphically later in the poem). The notion of having two actual tongues in your mouth provides a sensation of equivalent strong discomfort felt by someone living in a foreign language environment. The nature of this discomfort is displayed in line 5-6. Her original language long atrophied from disuse, is what she feels comfortable with. The foreign tongue (7) that becomes her adopted voice is one that she has little command over. The imagery in lines 10-14 is quite shocking and grotesque. The mother tongue decaying, she imagines it might rot and die in her mouth(13), as the foreign language begins to consume her. The middle section of the poem is written in Gujarati. This whole section occurs while she is dreaming. For most people reading this poem, Gujarati will be a dream-like language. It has exoticness and striking visual presence in comparison to the English alphabet that is the norm. The letters may look alien and foreign looking, but a clever use of irony is being employed here. This is her language. What it looks like to the English-only speaker is what English must have looked like to her. Another reason for the inclusion of the Gujarati section is that it gives a first hand representation of the two languages in her life. Looking at the curvaceous shape of the Gujarati letters, (although no credit to Bhatt) and comparing them to the angular nature of the English letters, one can visualise how her mother tongue can tie, the other tongue in knots (34). At her lowest when she feels that she is losing her identity, her language triumphantly asserts itself. That which is lost is found. The poet develops her idea by using an extended metaphor; she compares her tongue to a plant. The plant is a metaphor for the tongue, which itself has earlier been used as a (conventional) metaphor, for speech. Like a plant it, its rots and dies because it is in the wrong environment. But in her dreams it grows(31), it has the ability nurture itself and become longer(32) which could be an indication of her vocabulary expanding. The strong veins(32-33) show that her tongue is becoming vitalised and tougher. The extended metaphor helps the reader to appreciate the poets feelings of her original language. It shows that she prefers her own language, the beauty and spectacular nature of the flower blossoming compliments the beauty of her language. .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 , .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .postImageUrl , .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 , .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1:hover , .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1:visited , .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1:active { border:0!important; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1:active , .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1 .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ucf1cd89afc5a5028e24350d9bf8111e1:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Comparison Essay - The Pieces of Silver The Red BallThe structure of the poem is very interesting. Bhatt represents her shared culture and language by the way the poem is presented on the page. The middle section of the poem is written in Gujarati. This is framed on either side by her English language. Therefore, the Gujarati voice is presented as a shared part of her English voice (and all of this is how the poem works as a poem, the medium. In this case the medium mirrors the message: the poems presentation on the page, one voice within another, mirrors the significance of the poem). This poem concerns itself with the predicament that Asians raised in the West find themselves with. Being part of both cultures and moving between two languages can sometimes mean that one genuinely feels part of neither. There is conflict between the original language and the language she has adopted in the foreign country and this represents the conflict between cultural identities. The search for the tongue that has been lost through neglect is therefore mirrored by the search for cultural identity. In Nothings Changed, by Tatamkhulu Afrika, the speaker has returned to a deserted and desolate District Six, finding only the odd building indicating that white people now inhabit the area. District Six is (was) a famous residential district, situated at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. It was a lively working-class neighbourhood, home to a large multi-cultural population. Many artists, musicians and other creative people lived there also. In 1966 the South African government declared District Six as a whites only area, and began to evacuate the population. Over the years the complete area has been destroyed and physically deteriorated. It has never been redeveloped despites its prime location and is a key reminder of the apartheid years. (District Six Museum) The poem depicts a society where the rich and the poor are divided. This division is parallel to the division between the whites and blacks. The vehicle that Afrika uses to illustrate this division is the place of eating. The up-market(22) inn that is new(22) is somewhere where the white people come to eat. It is described to be brash with glass(17). The use of brash signifies the mood of the speaker: anger. There is more pain and the feeling of exclusivity is magnified if he can see what is happening inside, the higher, richer standard of living that the white people enjoy and what he is being excluded from. He feels offended that proprietors of the restaurant want to maintain the racial divide. The sign flaring like a flag(18) reinforces the speakers rage. The crudeness is emphasised and it seems out of place. The harsh consonantal sounds of flaring and flag show also how the speaker feels. The building squats(19) is quite a comical image, but there is also the element of underlying rage ever present. Again the feeling that the inn does not really belong there is felt and the blunt consonants echo the poets anger. The elegance of the linen tablecloths and the tables each with a single rose(32) is contrasted with the common and grungy, working mans cafà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½(34). It is not haute cuisine(23) that they serve but bunny chow(35) a cheap and filling take-away food eaten mainly by the poor. There is no formality or a worry about etiquette, no linen(31), but the food is eaten straight from a plastic top, and there is nowhere to wash ones hands after eating: wipe your fingers on your jeans(48).

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Economic Environment 40 Marker Essay

Economic Environment 40 Marker Essay Economic Environment 40 Marker Essay The external environment in which businesses operate can have a significant effect on their success. To what extent do you think that the external environment in the UK is favourable for businesses at the moment? (40) The UK economy grew by 2.6% last year, the fastest pace since 2007, at which point the country was in a recession. The unemployment rate stands at 5.8% of the adult population. Although this is still high (1.91 million people are unemployed) it is the lowest in six years meaning that generally, consumers now have higher disposable income; this is particularly significant as average earnings including bonuses are now up by 1.8%, with wages rising faster than inflation. Inflation has also fallen to 0.5%, allowing for cheaper purchase of materials/supplies and more cost-effective production. However, the pound has weakened against the dollar and the euro, having implications for imports and exports. It could be argued that the UK environment is favourable for businesses at the moment in terms of Human Resources, as unemployment is high, meaning more people may be willing to work for a minimum wage. This allows businesses to reduce costs in areas such as wages, meaning they are more able to invest in other areas such as expansion in order to encourage growth. This will particularly benefit the economy as growth of businesses means a higher GDP for the UK due to increased output as a result of increased demand. High unemployment means that firms also have access to a wider pool of labour, allowing them to target a more specific demographic during the recruitment process. However, these people may not have the skills required, perhaps affecting productivity as well as quality, as goods may be made faulty or services may be delivered incorrectly. Issues with skills may be particularly significant as Rolls Royce are planning to make redundancies of 2,600 employees as part of a cost c utting programme to compete against bigger rivals such as General Electric. These are likely to have specialist skills, meaning they may struggle to provide skills for vacancies elsewhere. In addition, these people may only be able to take the job in the short term which will mean a business has to go through the recruitment process regularly. This will in the short term prove a cost to the business, something to be avoided during times of low demand as a result of unemployment or inflation. It therefore depends on Government intervention as this could lead to the implementation of education/training programmes for the unemployed, which will determine their skills set and their motivation to stay with a firm for the long term once employed. In turn, this will govern whether the employees are increasing costs for the business more so than they need to be, determining whether the UK environment is favourable for businesses in terms of HRM. The UK economic environment can also be considered favourable in terms of a firms marketing, as increased GDP indicates there is a high demand, allowing firms to market themselves as a brand based on pricing, something firms find difficult to do during a recession as consumers expect prices to be lowered. This could perhaps allow firms to increase profit margins so that profit could either be reinvested or distributed as dividends to shareholders, encouraging further investment. This increased investment could allow some firms to become much more efficient, creating a USP or even acting as a competitive advantage against other firms, which is particularly important in a growing economy as there will be a higher chance of business start-ups being successful. However, it could be argued that the UK environment is not favourable in terms of marketing as it is more expensive to advertise due to higher demand as a result of a higher disposable income. It may also be particularly difficult for businesses to differentiate themselves from other companies as most businesses will be advertising to try and increase

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A Project Report On Marketing Fundamentals Tesla

Market research is one of the vital components adopted by companies to understand the needs, beliefs and desires of the customers. Primary and secondary are the major types of research that includes market information, market segmentation, market trends, SWOT analysis and other tools that help to gain an insight of the market conditions (Elliott, Thiele and Waller, 2014). Tesla is an American based automobile company that has very well positioned itself through its planned and extensive market research (Tesla, 2017). The company performed a strategic market research by using different tools such as PESTEL analysis, surveys and questionnaires and other methods to gather information from the market. Tesla used PESTEL analysis to assess the political, economic, social, legal, environmental and technological factors of the market to construe that the governments are promoting the production of environmental cars because of rising prices of fuel. The customers, on the other hand, have also begun to prefer the cars that protect the environment and do not pollute it due to which there was a demand for electric cars in the market (Forbes, 2016). Further, Tesla also conducted interviews with groups of moms and women of different ages to take their opinion about electric cars (Forbes, 2016). Thus, from the research, the company developed its marketing strategies and launched the product Model X especially for women (Forbes, 2016). The model was designed by considering the core selling points including safety, large space for kids and a third row. The engineers of the company incorporated all of this into the car design and manufacturing process. Another feature that was inferred from the research was that the female generally prefer to have a beautiful car along with ease for their children (Forbes, 2016). Thus, the company strategically used market research data to develop an effective product for the female.    Competition in a market arises when there are several players offering similar product or services to a large number of consumers. The players compete with each other in order to acquire a larger market share of the market and increase their sales revenue (Economics Online, 2017). The players could compete on the basis of prices, marketing, strategies and attributes of products to attract a greater share of target audience (Lin, 2016). Coca Cola is one of the largest producers of cold drinks with its huge network of sales and distribution around the world. The company has established its unique brand identity through its quality products and strong global recognition. Coca cola has its huge fan following that is a result of its customer loyalty (Lin, 2016). The main competitor of Coca Cola is Pepsi that is a thorn in the flesh for the company. Coca cola would have become the leading soft drink company around the world without Pepsi. The presence of Pepsi has brought significant changes in the marketing strategies of Coca Cola company. When Pepsi reduced its prices in the market of Australia, Coca cola also reduced the prices in order to maintain its position in the supermarket’s shelf. Coca cola has to incur a huge loss in order to carry out this campaign and retain its market position (Lin, 2016). The advertisements launched by Pepsi also influence the marketing strategies of Coca cola (Lin, 2016). Coca cola responds with complete maturity to the ads of the Pepsi in order to retain its position in the minds of the consumers. Thus, Coca Cola has to invest a huge amount of money to compete with Pepsi through huge advertising and marketing strategies. Coca cola has increased its advertising budget amount in order to stay in competition with the Pepsi (Lin, 2016). PESTEL analysis helps to determine the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal aspects of a country that would facilitate the growth of the product and the company. Samsung introduced its latest product Galaxy S8 after an extensive PESTEL analysis of the market in order to acquire maximum returns from the market. The political factors include stable political conditions, country relations and the support of government. Overall Samsung has received favorable response from the market of US, Australia, Europe and developing nations of Asia (Walters, 2017). The company faced some issues due to volatility of Latin American countries that affect the operations of the company. Samsung Galaxy S8 has captured the market in a short span of time in the developing nations but faced some issues in developed nations due to low purchasing power of the customers. Korea’s strong currency also affected the revenue of the product. The market has witnessed rising popularity of electronic and mobile devices among the consumers because of changing and emerging technology. The main challenge that the company faces is the frequent changes in the demands of the consumers. Samsung has very well tailored its product to suit the needs of almost every consumer around the world (Walters, 2017). Samsung is one of the most innovative companies that stays ahead of its competitors and makes optimum use of technology to offer the latest products to the customers. Samsung has produced amazing software and applications by effectively blending the market demand and technology in a single product Galaxy S8 (Walters, 2017). Samsung has to face numerous issues regarding Copyrights and patents. The company also faced challenges regarding wireless communication regulations and had to adhere to the laws and regulations pertaining to electronic device safety around the globe. Samsung has always considered the laws and regulations of the environment and has deployed processes that do not pollute the environment. SWOT analysis is used by the companies to determine their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to develop a marketing plan (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2008). Woolworths is one of the Australian retail based firm that consistently enhance its strategies in order to retain its market position. Woolworths occupies the largest market share of Australia and is the pioneer firm to introduce the concept of retail chain (Greenblat, 2017). The retail chain has established its brand name and unique identity through its quality products and services. Woolworths is one of the oldest retail companies but does not have a global presence when compared to its competitors. The retail chain also has not been successfully able to develop a sustainable unique selling proposition that questions its credibility and market positioning (Berry, 2016). The company delayed to enter online market due to which it has to face tough competition. Woolworths could expand its business by exploring new markets and establish its global presence. It could deploy franchise model and joint venture strategy in the beginning in order to penetrate deeper in the market. The cost of food material and other products has witnessed an increase that could affect the profitability of the firm. The ongoing recession has also influenced the activities of the organization. There is an intense pressure in the market from Aldi and Coles that is again affecting the market share of the company (Berry, 2016).    From the SWOT analysis, the company has explored its opportunities by entering the international market of UK through marketing mix element. Product: Woolworths introduced its quality services that ensure freshness of food and high product quality (The Conversation, 2017). Price: Woolworths has deployed economical pricing strategy in order to capture the market (The Conversation, 2017). Promotion: Woolworths offered discount offers to attract large number of audience. Place: Woolworths opened its stores in the main market area in order to attract the audience. Segmentation is the process of dividing the entire market into smaller segments to determine segment for the company (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2008). Segmentation could be done on the basis of demographics, geography, lifestyle and psychology of the customers.   The different segments could include youngsters, executives, professionals, adults, female, housewives, unemployed and college students (Elliott, Thiele and Waller, 2014). After segmenting, a particular group of people called target market is targeted by the industry through strategic marketing and advertising. Positioning is influencing the minds of consumers through effective marketing strategies (Elliott, Thiele and Waller, 2014). Retail industry is one of the largest industries of Australia that targets a large group of segment. Around 70%-90% of the consumers prefer to shop their groceries and other household material from the retail chains because of the availability of a wide range of products (Greenblat, 2017). The target customers of retail industry include housewives, females, adults and middle aged people. The customers are attracted towards the retail chains because of low priced products and quality services (Greenblat, 2017). Thus, the retail industry has very well identified its target group from which it can increase its sales revenue and profitability. Further, the strategic positioning involves offering low priced product along with quality services, discounts and special offers during festive season also excite the customers to shop from retail stores. The customers are also promised fresh food products and customized services such as home delivery, app based shopping and other unique services (Greenblat, 2017). The consumers feel elated and experience a unique shopping experience with the retail stores that compels them to shop for next time and become a loyal customer. Thus, the industry has strategically positioned itself as a low cost brand that offers quality services along with a unique experience to its consumers. Brand management is one of the most crucial elements of marketing that has occupied the top most concern for the leaders of the companies. A brand has to consistently evolve itself in order maintain its sustainability by meeting the customer demands. Apple is one of the examples of successful brand management around the world. The brand has very well utilized and internalized the concept of perceived value due to which the consumers always assess the benefits of its products of much higher value as compared to their prices. The brand has built itself by connecting with the consumers through their emotions that they experience while using the Apple’s products (Bajarin, 2016). The customers never forget a brand with which they have had a great experience and Apple has very well internalize this process through its highly innovative and technologically advanced products. Another major reason for Apple’s success is its risk taking ability and targeting the emerging market through which it became a pioneer and leader in the electronics market (Scheidies, 2017). Nokia is a Finnish multinational corporation that demonstrates the example of failed brand. Nokia might have evolved as successful brand but failed miserably because of its ineffective marketing strategies. The major reason for Nokia’a failure was Nokia did not deploy appropriate marketing strategies and projected itself more like an engineering company in the market (Huy, 2016). The company could not touch the chord of the consumers through its products and services. The company was rather more focused to build hardware devices instead of satisfying the needs of the consumers. Nokia always underestimated the significance of software in a mobile set due to which it was unable to adapt itself with the transitioning business environment (Surowiecki, 2016). Nokia never adapted the latest operating system and insisted on its hardware design. Another blunder of Nokia was its inability to analyze its competition that it faced from Apple and Samsung. Elliott, G., Thiele, S.R., and Waller, D. (2014). Marketing. Australia: John Wiley & Sons. Forbes. (2016). Tesla's Unique Position In The Car Market Is One Of Its Biggest Strengths. Forbes. Available at: [Accessed Online 4 May 2017]. Huy, Q. (2016). Who Killed Nokia? Nokia Did. Insead Knowledge. Available at: [Accessed Online 4 May 2017]. Lamb, C.W., Hair, J.F., and McDaniel, C. (2008). Essential of Marketing. Cengage Learning. Surowiecki, J. (2016). Where Nokia Went Wrong. New Yorker. Available at: [Accessed Online 4 May 2017].